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Today is Wheat’s birthday! I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up! He is such a loving boy and always does the right thing. He accepted Jesus into his heart this Fall and although this is a journey for him (and us) and he has not been baptized yet he fully understands what it means to do good for himself and everyone around him and to live like Jesus. We are so proud of this child and can’t wait to see him grow more and I know I am a blink away from buying his first car and/or shipping him off to college. He is so smart and he got exactly what he wanted for his birthday – a Didj and a digital camera. He loves photography and takes pictures with my camera all the time. One of his creations is below which is a little something he threw together on my sister-in-laws fridge with magnetic words. It is so funny to me because it has many of his favorite things in it. (BTW, a Didj is a handheld video game similar to a Nintendo DS but the Didj is made by Leapfrog and while it appears sleek and cool and has ‘big boy’ games to go with it like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, etc., it is educational and makes them solve math equations and read, etc., in order to beat the levels so this makes me happy:)

And before the judgements begin flying…sticking candles in a brownie was not my cop out. Wheat detests birthday cake and always has. I had to force it into his mouth on his first birthday which was also the very first time he ever tasted it and he went into sugar shock and almost puked. Cookies are ok with him sometimes but he hates any sort of icing so a cookie cake from the mall is out of the question. A brownie is what he asks for because he loves chocolate so a brownie is what he got. No nuts, no a’la’mode, just plain brownie.

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