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Some collected funnies from the past few days…

Posted by KK on Tuesday, 17 February, 2009

Wheat: “Mom, you know how when we get in trouble and you tell us you are gonna spank us in different ways like you say ‘Boys, if you don’t get these toys up, I am gonna spank you so hard you are not gonna be able to sit down’ and sometimes you say ‘Boys, if you do not clean up I will spank you and you won’t be able to walk’. You know how you do that sometimes, mom?”
Me: As much as it hurts to admit and finally realizing my New Year’s resolution of what to stop doing I reply “Uh, yeah”…
Wheat: “Well, I have something new that you could say. You could say that if we do not pick up our toys, then every one of our butts are going to be extinct!”
FYI – Maggie is our cat…Wheat is my oldest son, 8 years old, who clearly understands my feelings about germs…
Wheat: “Mom, I think I may have just swallowed one of Maggie’s eye boogers but don’t worry, I did the right thing and I drank two glasses of orange juice real quick so those vitamins in the orange juice are fighting the germs from her eye booger so I am sure I will be fine.”
Me: “Wheat, how did you swallow the cat’s eye booger?”
Wheat: “Well, I just got real close to her face kissing her and I think my lip picked one up and then before I knew it I licked my lips and swallowed it. It’s really not that hard to swallow an eye booger, mom. It’s actually pretty easy”
This morning I told the boys that after their math lesson we were going to squeeze in a geography lesson before lunch (we rarely do geography because they hate it and I know they are less likely to retain something they have no interest in but I do insist they not grow up geographically challenged like their mother).
Wheat responds…”WHAT? We’re gonna dance???” 
FYI – Several months ago River went through a short time of having “bumps on his bum” (what he proudly told everyone) and after seeing both his pediatrician and my physician multiple times (7 times alltogether) trying to figure out what the cause was, I finally took him to a pediatric dermatologist who quickly diagnosed it as being a certain type of staph, rare, and prescribed him some lotion which cleared it up in 2 days and he has been bump-free ever since. Nonetheless, it was a very frustrating several months trying to get someone to figure out what was wrong and our entire family was aware of my constant worry and frustration, including our older boys.
So as we walk down a long hallway toward the restrooms at Borders the other day, Lake was reading a sign on a door at the end of the hall that read “Staff Only”. As we got to the end of the hall, Lake pointed to that door as the rest of us were turning the corner and he said “Mom, River has to go in there because he has staph.”

Homeschool Valentine Party!

Posted by KK on Friday, 13 February, 2009
valentine-party-09-009.jpg   The boys were able to attend our second annual Valentine’s Day homeschool party at our church. My friends Andi and Sarah put together this great party for all the homeschoolers in our church and the boys had a blast last year and were so excited to go again this year. They ate pizza,  decorated goodie bags, played games, decorated cookies and had a cake walk. They left with an intense sugar high but loved it! Below is a small gallery of pics from the party. Thank you again, Andi & Sarah, for puting together such a great party!