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Mrs. President…

Posted by KK on Friday, 12 February, 2010

Seriously. I have no time. I don’t even have time to be sitting here blogging but I need a mental break from time to time. So I get up at 5:30 every day to wake up the one foster child up who goes to school, feed him, get him dressed and out the door to catch the bus and then I have about 10 minutes before more start waking up wanting food, etc. I do laundry all day, every day. I cook three meals (technically two only because I do not “cook” breakfast) a day. I home school two of the boys which takes up to 4 hours on some days depending on their work ethics. Lately, I have been doing a lot of spring soccer meetings and things and just last month learned I was voted secretary of our region’s foster parent association. Seriously? I wasn’t even at the meeting? How does a committee vote for a person who doesn’t even show up? So, since I was voted secretary and was responsible for taking the minutes I went to this month’s meeting this past Tuesday. I showed up toting a pen and a notebook and was immediately accused of being uber organized (which isn’t such a bad/wrong accusation) so they voted me president instead of secretary and gave the secretary job to the treasurer to carry both positions. I was stunned. Really? “You DO all know that I have 6 boys at home tearing my house apart at this very moment, right?” They all replied…”Yep. We all have 6 kids, too.”

So…call me gullable or vulnerable or whatever. Either way I am screwed. At least this bunch will understand if I don’t return a phone call or an email right away.