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Posted by KK on Thursday, 13 December, 2007

Wheat, playing outside with a plastic baseball bat…”I have a GINORMOUS bat and I am not afraid to use it!!”

Lake, being chased by mommy playing tag in the yard…”Mommy, over here, I’m opened!”

River, pulling on his pockets after I put a pair of cargo-type pants on him with pockets all down the legs…”Mommy, I got chicken pox!”

Success in the eyes of a six year old…

Posted by KK on Sunday, 9 December, 2007

Wheat came to me a moment ago while getting dressed for church….he said “Mom, I can not succeed with this hole in my underwear”

God and Google…

Posted by KK on Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

Wheat just asked Jason, “Dad, does God look down on earth or does he use Google earth?”


Posted by KK on Monday, 3 December, 2007


“A scantily clad Miss Sharp got busted for speeding on Buttermilk Road. She tried flashing her D’s at me (vitamin D’s that is) but it didn’t go over well. She has been sentenced to a melting pot with a rosemary focaccio baguette and a couple of broccoli florets, all thugs in these parts. She’ll do her time and end up in another pot we won’t discuss in this bulletin. “

Honey, your dental pick is in the dishwasher. I had to use it to dig cheese out of a hotwheel car. :)