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It pays to homeschool…

Posted by KK on Thursday, 24 February, 2011

…because once a week you get to do fun things like this! Today was our last swim day with a local homeschool co-op. Soon we’ll be hittin’ the outdoor pool with the real sunshine. At least we hope. My JJ had a make-up class today with his developmental program so I was able to actually take my camera to the pool for the first time. I love taking pictures of soaking wet faces. Obviously. They were all so cold they couldn’t muster up a smile. Still so cute.

There’s a toilet in my dishwasher…

Posted by KK on Thursday, 24 February, 2011

I do believe this is a hopeless cause. At least right now it is. Yes he just turned two on Christmas Eve but I have had boys potty trained before their 2nd birthday (especially those who were cloth diapered like this one) so why not at least begin introducing it, right? Of course, those early trainers of mine were not exposed to drugs in utero so they didn’t have the same challenges as this one. My JJ has sensory issues. Big time. He is terrified of everything. I’ve sat him on one of those fun little cushioned Diego potty inserts (that’s all my boys ever used….we never did the separate tiny little potty on the floor beside the real potty deal) and he freaked out so badly, dug his fingernails into my back, and I thought I may have done permanent damage to his heart and lungs from the intense palpitations and screaming.

So my sweet friend who happens to also be parenting drug babies suggested I buy one of these dreaded potty things that you have to clean out after each use. Gross. I have bought one before. It was my car potty but I always lined it with a plastic Wal*Mart bag or something with a folded up paper towl in the bottom (to absorb Le pee pee) so I could easily toss the contents and never had to clean it out. It is ugly and boring and was only used when my 20 month old River decided he needed to use the potty full time and so I bought an ugly $8 potty from Target to keep in my SUV so when he yelled “Pee Pee” every 10 minutes or when his potty watched beeped alarming him it was time to have a pee even if we were on the go we could easily “go” without me having to drag three little boys into a nasty public restroom somewhere. Yes, this was the best idea I ever had and maybe it wasn’t even my idea but I am claiming it as one of the highlights of my toddler parenting era.

So that ugly, boring potty is down in the garage somewhere and  I was eyeballing a real fancy potty at Target the other day, one that I was sure that if I owned then my 2 year old would definitely pee and poo in without any trouble just because it was so fancy but that fanciness came with a $30 price tag. The only problem was that I couldn’t find anywhere on that thing the hidden plumbing that surely came along with a piece of plastic that cost $30 that a baby poops in that is nothing more than a luxurious plastic bowl you’d otherwise eat popcorn out of. I passed.

A few days later I was in Wal*Mart again and a little unsupervised child had taken every single one of these froggy potties and had lined them up on the floor b*utt to n*ut (can I say that on my blog?) like a giant caterpillar made out of frogs and was jumping over them while his mother was two isles down looking at diapers or something. I thought those froggy potties were cute, too, but still didn’t want to even pay $15 for a piece of plastic that my baby would poo in.

I promise I am getting to my point here…

So the boys and I were out running a few errands yesterday and one was to Good*will (because Habitat for Humanity is closed on Wednesdays) and I had the entire back of my large SUV packed full of junk to give away. So we stopped by Good*will to drop off all my junk and I decided to pull around the front and pop in the store for just a second (which I NEVER do) and whaddya know….right there in the children’s section was a froggy potty which looked brand new like it never saw a drop of pee. I am sure it did but you know that nine times out of ten people buy those things and then never use them. That’s what I have always thought anyway which is why I never used them with my boys and only bought the little insert to prevent their tiny little buns from being flushed until their tiny buns got a little bigger. So I paid $3 and walked out of that store with a like-new froggy potty which will very likely never see a drop of pee but it is so incredibly cute to see my naked JJ sitting on it with those froggy eyes glaring out between his knees (that is once you get past the creepiness of those froggy eyes glaring out between his knees which I had to do). So what do you do with a potty that you bought second hand that may or may not have ever seen a drop of pee or poo? Why you run it through the high temp wash, tough scrub, sanitize, heated dry cycle in your dishwasher, that’s what!

Seeing things through a new lens…

Posted by KK on Sunday, 20 February, 2011

I got a brand new lens for my camera and had to take it for a spin today after church with the boys. I am a little disappointed but I know I have a lot yet to learn. I need my bro.

Father/Son Spelunking Adventure

Posted by KK on Sunday, 6 February, 2011

Boy did these two have fun!