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My middle man is 9!!

Posted by KK on Saturday, 27 August, 2011

Good grief my kids are growing up so fast! My Lake is now 9…his last year of single digits. Oh my. Can I also say how much I love it when kids get to an age where they don’t ask for a whole lot for their birthdays? Oh the simplicity of a pan of brownies and a couple of good friends over for a sleepover. If only I had all that money back that I spent on the early birthdays that they don’t even remember. It was Lake’s 1st birthday where we spent around $700 total when everything was said and done complete with a real LIVE monkey show! Oh well….at least we have a funny video of my dad and Jason’s dad wearing a grass skirt and dancing with monkeys. (We also had a TON of homemade food, plenty of beverages and many good friends from out of town who spent the night)

So my Lake got a small pocket knife from one of his buddies for his birthday. He thinks he is the biggest thing on the street now. In one picture where he is reading something and laughing…that something was a list of rules that my friend, Janice (one of the boys’ mom), wrote for him for safe knife usage. One page was legit, one was not. Here are a few examples:

  • Always cut AWAY from your body.
  • Keep your knife in a SAFE place.
  • Never leave your knife blade open when not in use.
  • Never play or joke around with your knife. It is not a toy.
  • Never throw your knife.

You all get the point…. But THEN he read these rules…

  • Never use the knife to extract a booger.
  • Never allow JJ to use your knife to cut play-doh.
  • Never perform an operation on yourself. Seek a doctor’s advice.
  • Never use your knife to fight a storm trooper. Use your Wii remote. (unless it is a REAL storm trooper)
  • Never use your knife to create a new hair-do, without permission.
  • Never allow the babies to use your knife as a teething toy.
  • Never Always NEVER use your knife to cut out pages of school books that you do not wish to complete.
  • Never use your knife to cut clothes you intent to wear.

We were all crying we were laughing so hard. It made Lake’s day for sure. I am so glad my boy has such good friends at such a young age who he’ll be able to grow up with. Happy Birthday, brother Lake!