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Toes & Tegus

Posted by KK on Friday, 27 May, 2011

She won’t be able to tell you who Justin Bieber is

but she’ll be able to tell you what an Argentine Tegu eats for breakfast.

Mother’s Day fun…

Posted by KK on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011

A good friend of ours happens to be the Creative Director at our church and he asked if he could borrow a couple of my boys for a little Mother’s Day tribute he was cooking up to show in church on Mother’s Day. Lets just say that our boys had a little too much fun with this and it is all I can do to keep my middle child from waltzing out of the house wearing a “wife beater” and a fedora. Oh my…

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I love the way God works.

Posted by KK on Saturday, 14 May, 2011

It’s been too long since I’ve posted. However, I’ve had a really good excuse. Grab a cup of coffee and relax….this’ll be a long post.

Allow me to back up a bit. Exactly 3 months ago today on Valentine’s Day an event took place that rocked my world. It has happened before but never to this extent. I was shaken physically and emotionally and 3 months later am still battling a lot within myself as a result. I know things happen for a reason, that God’s plan is sovereign, and that I have to “Be Still and know that He is God” but I am also human. Very human. I love the way God works.

Fast forward a month to March 14 and if you had fancy goggles that allowed you to view events of the past you would see us bringing home premature twins from the hospital exactly one month from the day my home was knocked of it’s foundation, so to speak. Some criticized, due to the fact that our home was a bit unstable at the time, but I knew this was a God thing. In fact, for many, many months even before the new year I had been praying for a distraction in the form of a new DCS placement (preferrably newborn(s) to take my mind off the roller coaster ride of turmoil and emotions we’d been dealing with in regards to JJ. This was an answer to that prayer as well as many others. When we got the call about the twins I immediately knew we would say yes. In fact, my very good friend who is a foster parent got the call about them first but had to say ‘no’. She told them to call me (just another little neat event that occurred) and she sent me a text message begging me to say ‘yes’. She among only a few individuals knew we had silently quit fostering. I had officially resigned knowing we would remain open until our JJ was either reunified or adopted. I felt like it was what we were supposed to do at the time but obviously God had other plans for us. He knew I wouldn’t be able to say no to not only one baby but two babies. They were meant for us. To mend our brokenness. To breathe fresh air into our lives. To get my mind off the unsettling feelings I had about my life. The weekend prior to us bringing the babies home so many things fell into place so perfectly that it could have only been God’s perfect plan. Jason happened to be off work on Friday and had he not been there when we got the call we likely wouldn’t have said yes. We happened to have a rental car that weekend because Jason’s truck was broken again and had we not already had that car we wouldn’t have been able to pull off everything we did that weekend in preparation. Friends came to our aide to help us with the four boys in order for us to obtain all the necessary training required to be discharged from the NICU where the twins had been living for 5 weeks. So many more little things took place that made it possible and so easy. I love the way God works.

Days after we brought home the twins things began to go down hill for our JJ. Things that would have likely made me crumble into pieces had I not been so distracted by having two tiny creatures that depended on me to not only thrive but live. One newborn would have kept me busy, no doubt, but I manage things much better when I have more. Two newborns would have had me spinning for sure but I would have just been in my happy place and perfectly comfortable. It had to be two premature, medically fragile babies who needed a lot more care than typical newborns. I know this.  Perhaps certain people at DCS thought that since I was so distracted that I would let things slide. They don’t know me very well. I had been fighting tooth and nail for this child for a year already and wasn’t about to give up just because my plate was full. My JJ is worth it to me. I love the way God works.

To make a long story brief, over the last two months our JJ’s future has been appearing very grim. I had decided in my own heart that the twins were here to make it easier for us to deal with losing JJ. I was quickly reminded by a friend not to decide such things and she was right. Every time, just when  we would find ourselves with no hope at all, God would show up. I fought hard all along the way, too. After almost 13 months of foster care, JJ was awarded a new case manager. This was a God send. Literally. One of the biggest problems to date was the lack of effort his old case manager was putting forth on his behalf. During the week of May 2 when we learned of the transition of case managers, things immediately began to get better and our hope was restored. Perhaps one day I will be able to write about some of these things. The following week was the true test and one that I believe was the most pivotal moment. On Wednesday, we stepped out in faith and purchased a 12 passenger van in the hopes that the little family we have right now would remain our little family forever. The same day we bought the van I went to a special prayer service for adoptive families at our church. I have been to this prayer and worship service a lot in the past but I had not been since we brought home the twins. Toward the end of the service we were all asked to bring all our little ones up on the steps of the stage where the elders and other members of our church were laying hands and praying over all our little people. The following morning, I learned that at that very moment something was happening that would change the course of our battle for JJ to our advantage. It was and is the best feeling ever…to know and be reassured that God’s hand IS in fact in everything and that even though it doesn’t always work to our advantage there is always a reason. I know we would not have seen God as we do now had this case been any easier or gone any differently. Our faith has been tested and our faith has been restored as a result.  I love the way God works and I can’t wait to see what happens next. We give all the glory to Him.

Here are just a few pics from recent months…