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A Savior is born!

Posted by KK on Sunday, 25 December, 2011

We had a very blessed & calm holiday season….my favorite! I love having six kids at Christmas! For several years we have chosen to give only four gifts to our children for Christmas – something they WANT, something they NEED, something they WEAR, something they READ – and they absolutely LOVE it! We limit what they get and make their gifts a bit more meaningful to instill in them the reason for the season and that it isn’t about getting loads of gifts. This year, however, has been a hard & stressful year and our kiddos have made a lot of sacrifices (all of which are good for them, of course) so we threw in one extra ‘big’ gift for each of them as a thank you for being so amazing! Our children as so precious to us and have hearts of gold. Our Wheaton really needed a new bike as did our JJ (a tricycle) and the twins were in need of new car seats. The other two boys got a Ripstik and a Scooter hybrid thing (still can’t figure out that crazy contraption but it’s pretty cool). We love these kiddos so much – what a blessing they are to us!

This was also JJ’s second Christmas with us (and yesterday was his 2nd birthday with us, he turned the big number “3″!). I pray that by Christmas next year justice will have been HIS and he will finally be adopted and his precious face will no longer be blurred out. Hoping. Praying. Longing for his moment. God’s timing is perfect. This we know.

My Blu Belle..

Posted by KK on Wednesday, 21 December, 2011

I love having a little girl.