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Where on earth…

Posted by KK on Tuesday, 5 February, 2008

have my children heard about groupies?!?! Wheat asked me today..

W: “Mom, was dad in a band when you guys were in high school?”
Mom: “No.”
W: “Well…was he a groupie?”
M: “No.” (laughing)
W: “Well…what is a groupie?”
M: “It is a person who doesn’t have a job or any belongings or anything who runs around and follows their favorite band from city to city to hear them play over and over and hang out with them.”
W: “Ugh. That is crazy. So they don’t have a job so they are lazy. They just don’t know what they are missing, do they mom?.”
M: “What they are missing? What ARE they missing, Wheat?”
W: “Well, they could be somewhere having kids or eating food or buying a house or adopting a kid or renting a movie or buying a TV for their house so they can just be lazy at that.”

So, after my mad dash to my desk to jot down all his ramblings as fast as I could I realized he just might be getting the big picture of what we are trying to teach them about what is important in life. Is he getting it? He thinks having kids and a family is important – good. He appreciates having good food to eat – good. He just might be getting on board the adoption train that he has never been too keen on – good. He appreciates renting movies instead of buying them or going to a theatre – really good for us! And, he knows watching TV is being lazy….what more could we ask??? Yau’ll check back in another 10 years and we’ll review and see if he still feels the same about all this. LOL