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My girl.

Posted by KK on Thursday, 23 May, 2013

And so it begins… she finds a marker, opens it and proceeds to draw on her face no doubt because she has seen her mama doing it. Lord, help us make her see how beautiful she is without the world’s ideals of beauty and that she is fearfully & wonderfully made & SO precious in His sight! Help her SEE!! If only someone, ANYone, had told her birth mother this when she was young things may have been SO different for her!! :(

And her new specs make her look like she’s five. S’body come check on my kids in a few minutes ’cause I am feelin’ light-headed.

Please pray!

Posted by KK on Thursday, 2 May, 2013

There’s so much on my mind this morning and I have absolutely NO extra time to be sitting down writing this so excuse the typos…

The last few days have been very tough here. I have been hit with so much that has caused so much stress and anxiety and weakness and physical pain & sickness (I was literally running a fever last night for the first time in years). Jason and I are making some very big, life-altering choices that is causing me a great deal of stress. My children have become ill again (allergies, I’m sure) and I have also been ill. I received a devastating blow yesterday that sent me immediately to my knees in prayer and will have me there for many hours each day in the coming weeks. And all of this happened in the few days leading up to my departure. Yes, I am leaving my entire family for three days to attend an adoption & orphan care conference in Nashville. The enemy has hit hard and I firmly believe that he has tried his damnedest ┬áto get me to cancel my trip. So WHY? WHAT is there for me? What does he NOT want me to see or hear?? It is of no surprise to me that this all has happened….especially since I have signed up for more than one breakout session on special needs adoption. Oh stupid satan….you will never learn.

So please….if you have one second during the day over the next few days PLEASE remember my family in your prayers. The enemy is on the attack! And Jason is home with six children all by himself for the next three days. Yes, he is my rock. And he will do fabulous. And my phone might be ringing with texts continuously when he can’t find clothes for the babies or how much medicine to administer, etc.

Please pray!!

Thank you!!