My girl.

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And so it begins… she finds a marker, opens it and proceeds to draw on her face no doubt because she has seen her mama doing it. Lord, help us make her see how beautiful she is without the world’s ideals of beauty and that she is fearfully & wonderfully made & SO precious in His sight! Help her SEE!! If only someone, ANYone, had told her birth mother this when she was young things may have been SO different for her!! :(

And her new specs make her look like she’s five. S’body come check on my kids in a few minutes ’cause I am feelin’ light-headed.
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One Response to “My girl.”

  1. girerita1

    Oh…I want this…for me, for my kids…but not for the husband. (He’d just shake his head and chckule at me.)I’m so torn between the different Superfoods and the bars you already mentioned. The Pomegranate Mango Super Meal also sounds good.I was originally thinking, “What’s up with the Alaskan entry?” but then I realized by using the store locator that I live within 3 miles of 9 stores that sell Amazing Grass products. I’m guessing that is not the case for you (or anyone in Alaska). ;)

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