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Lego guys…

Posted by KK on Friday, 31 October, 2008

Note to self: Spray paint the costumes at least a week or two in advance of the holiday so they gas off the fumes before the children wear them for several hours. Halloween would be much more fun if the kids weren’t walking around the Fall Frenzy at church high as kites! LOL

So with a little hot glue, some paper bowls, spray paintĀ and a few boxes…the boys’ dreams came true. Their favorite thing in the world is legos. I didn’t exactly anticipate how difficult it would be for them to play games at church but they did quite nicely and even came home with some gift certiciates for such great costumes! (patting myself on theĀ back, yes, thank you)

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Soccer Dayz…

Posted by KK on Saturday, 25 October, 2008

This was Wheat’s 7th season playing AYSO soccer and Lake’s 4th although this Fall season was the very first time they were able to be on the same team together. They had a lot of fun and I coached again. I loved having them on the same team because this meant I only had to coach one team, we only had one practice and one game each week instead of two. All that being said, I was still ready for the season to wrap only halfway through. Nonetheless, we all had a lot of fun and we had a great group of kids on our team. This was their very last game of the season with their little trophy ceremony afterwards. During the game, Wheat wears the orange number 8 jersey (we had to trade him to the other team who needed a player) and Lake is wearing green jersey number 6. Great job boys!!

Pitchin’ our tent…

Posted by KK on Sunday, 5 October, 2008

…literally. This was our first camping trip with family. We went to Dale Hollow Dam in Selina, TN. It was a lot of fun and the boys loved camping with their cousins.