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So my boss along with a few friends and family members have been urging me to join Facebook for quite some time. Who has time for this? Every day I wake up, brew coffee, feed kids, clean up after breakfast, brew more coffee, school kids, cook lunch, feed kids again, clean up after lunch, work a bit, play with kids, do more lessons if need be, cook dinner, feed kids and husband dinner, clean up after dinner, sit down with family and play a game or Rock Band on Wii (our new family time event since Christmas) and once the kids and husband are off to bed I sit, by myself, and veg and read or crochet and/or both. So, not sure why, but I started a Facebook page last night and OMG how addictive this is!! I knew it would be which was why I was so hesitant. I stayed up way too late making and editing things on my page and then finding friends to ask if they wanna come be my friend and pretty much all day today I have been chatting up people and/or checking out pages of long lost friends, looking at pictures of their kids that I didn’t even know they had, listening to albums that I didn’t even know they recorded, and the list goes on and on. So if yau’ll don’t see me for several weeks you know where I’ve been. LOL

And the pizza part….since I have been so consumed all morning with my head in Facebook I got lazy and threw together a homemade pizza for the boys for lunch. Yes, I think it is as easy (and much healthier) to do homemade pizzas than it is to bake a pre-made, frozen pizza and yau’ll know me, I don’t buy pre-made and/or processed foods. However, I do buy ready-made pizza crusts because I don’t like eating pizza toppings overtop raw dough and that is what every pizza dough recipe I have ever attempted has tasted like. Anyway, NOTE TO SELF: REMOVE the cardboard from under the pizza crust BEFORE baking. While my house is still in one piece, our pizza crust never got crispy as it should have and it tasted like cardboard. I did bake the pizza on my Pampered Chef stone so the cardboard was between the crust and the stone so this likely protected us from fire. If anyone drives by my house and sees smoke, please call 9-1-1!! And incidentally, I have made a hundred homemade pizzas this way and have NEVER left the cardboard under the crust….I am blaming Facebook. LOL

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