Mommy vs. Jesus (insert fist bump)

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Today is my birthday and all my life I have had to attend some sort of Christmas celebration on this day as well as receiving gifts (granted anyone had any money leftover from Christmas to give me a gift) which were always, ALWAYS wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. As an adult, it’s not an issue unlike when I was a kid. And since I had the privilege of being in labor all day on my 24th birthday with Wheat in 2000, I am now always consumed on my birthday with not only some sort of Christmas celebration but also planning my eldest son’s birthday party which is the day after mine. Again, as an adult, this is how I prefer my birthdays are spent. But for my son, I always make sure he has a very unique and special day set apart from any sort of Christmas celebration and that NONE of his gifts are ever wrapped in snowman or Santa Claus paper. (also understanding he will likely not be so dramatic with these things and make them an issue like I did since he is male)

Nonetheless, today is chock full of two Christmas celebrations…the first being at my mother’s here with all my siblings and all nine grandchildren and at noon we will travel to Jason’s home town to be with his family. So today, our beloved Lake, knowing what was in store and with much excitement, moseyed into the kitchen where Jason was brewing our coffee. Jason says to Lake, “When your mom gets out of the shower, you be sure to tell her Happy Birthday because today is her birthday”. Looking very stunned and at the same time confused, Lake replied “Is she Jesus?” (This is the part where you imagine me and Jesus standing side by side and insert the fist bump between us both).

I have to make a note to my amazing husband who always tries to make sure my birthday is still special in some way (even in the midst of my disapproval) and always surprises me with gifts and/or handmade cards from the boys. I love you, minsnack!

And lastly, a big phat Congrats to my little bro (who be starvin’ like Marvin and needs his roast beef) and his amazing wife for the little seed they planted 7 or so weeks ago for which they announced to us all today (enter a grandmother, 3 sisters and 2 brother-in-laws crying like a bunch of babies and hugging while all 9 grandkids stood around extremely puzzled and freaked out). Becoming an Aunt never gets old, even the 7th time around. :)

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