Suck Creek

This entry was posted by KK on Monday, 24 August, 2009 at
scan0001-2.jpg It’s an odd name, I know. But it doesn’t suck…at least not that bad, anyway. There have been times where it has been so overrun with trash from the locals that you couldn’t bare to go lest it make you cry your eyes out in shame. Jason and I use to frequent Suck Creek. It was one of our favorite hikes with our dog, Trae, back in the day. The image above was taken in 1998.

We recently took the boys down on the day before River’s 4th birthday to check it out. We didn’t know what to expect but were at least praying for water as it has often dried up for long periods of time. We have had an abundance of rain this summer so it was flourishing. The boys had the best time. They are truly in their element when they can bang around in a creek, get dirty, and look for cool creatures. I wish this were our back yard.

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