Heaven & Hail

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One of Wheat’s assignments for spelling today was to take the word “mail” and replace the beginning consonant with other letters to form different words. One of the consonant examples was the letter “h” so when he came to it he read it aloud and we all gasped, especially the younger boys. Wheat rolled his eyes and said “Not H-E-L-L, H-A-I-L like ‘All hail king Lakelon’ and like ‘I see hail falling from the sky’” and then Lake chimed in and said “And like on America’s Funniest Home Videos the other day when that guy said “What the hail are you doing outside?” Umm…yeah, not exactly, hon.


Today we had a meeting with one of our pastors at Two Rivers. Wheat is being baptized on Sunday after accepting Jesus as his Savior last October. The church prefers that each candidate meet with an elder or a pastor in person to talk, pray and make sure that they fully understand their commitment, especially the children. During the meeting today (with both brothers in tow, of course) our middle school pastor, Jon, was explaining to Wheat that the decision he made last October meant that the old Wheaton went away and the new Wheaton was here to stay and how baptism is simply symbolic in that before you go into the water you are the old Wheat and when you are raised out of the water you are a new person. River, all the while listening intently on my lap speaks up and asks “So it’s kinda like shedding?” It’s no secret that our kids have a basement full of reptiles and ‘shedding’ is and has always been a part of their early vocabulary. Too funny…

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