Adam & Eve…

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Lake has been chatting a lot about old Adam & Eve lately asking all sorts of questions. Last school year he decided to read his bible for his reading each day. It is a children’s bible, of course, but a large one and he read it cover to cover.

So last night I was in the kitchen making dinner and Lake asked me if Maggie (our young, energetic cat) liked Stevie (our elderly, blind & deaf dog with dementia). I told him she probably didn’t because Stevie is real stinky and cats typically do not like stinky things. She truly does watch him walk past her, snarls and I swear I think I have seen her roll her eyes, too. She absolutely hates it when he bumps into her, too, and paws at him for punishment. Hilarious. So Lake and I begin to talk about how cats are so particular about their hygiene and things. Lake says “I know, after EVERY time she uses her litter box she has to lick her butt for like 10 minutes!” I said “That’s pretty odd, isn’t it?” Then Lake said…”Do you think God decided that cats would have to lick their butts clean because Adam & Eve ate from the tree?”

“Preeshiatecha, Adam & Eve…”….Maggie says.

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