Five Alive!

This entry was posted by KK on Monday, 27 August, 2007 at

What’s a mom to do when the middle babe turns five and it truly seems like yesterday he was crawling into my bed early in the morning to nurse himself back to sleep. He’s our little sprout, the one who has grown up without us knowing. His dark eyes hide little and his heart is so soft. He will attempt to fly off the roof like a superhero but cry with his mommy when he talks about growing up and moving out of our house. What a sweet angel. His 5th birthday party was at a gymnasium in Chattanooga. He didn’t stand still for more than a split second and if so it was only to scan to room for the next mountain to climb. What fun he had! Most if not all of the pictures were blurry because the action setting on my camera wasn’t advanced enough to keep up with him.


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