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If you know our littlest one, you know he has a penguin fetish. It began years ago, when he was about a year old, but I believe it may have begun even earlier. When all of our boys were born, we bought them a special little stuffed animal to have when they were in the hospital. It began with Wheat, of course, and because he was three weeks early, an emergency delivery and thrown into the NICU for several days we had nothing with us and went to the hospital gift shop and bought his first little teddy bear. We wanted something soft and sweet to put in his little box (because that’s what it looked like) that he had to sleep in while he was in the NICU since he couldn’t be in my room. So when Lake was born, Wheat was only a year and a half old but Jason took him to the mall while I was in the hospital and they picked out a little animal friend for Lake to have in the hospital. Well, River was born when Lake was three and Wheat was four and a half. When River was born, the first Madegascar movie was in theatres. So, just before River was born, they had picked out a penguin for him to have in the hospital which happened to be one of the characters from the movie. His name is Skipper. Thus, I believe, began the penguin fetish. He is almost four now and has penguins all over the place including on many shirts and socks, etc. He loves penguin movies like “March of the Penguins” and knows a lot of scientific information on them as well. He even taught his own father, who we thought knew everything already, that there is a particular type of penguin called a “Macaroni” penguin. Tonight, on Jeophardy, one of the questions was about the Macaroni and while all three contestants stood dumbfounded, Jason answered it correctly. Uncanny. And taught to him by his 3 year old.

So, anyway, this whole idea to blog about River’s fetish was because while I stood in the kitchen washing dishes tonight River was laying in the floor near me playing. He said “Mom, you know how you spell penguin?” I said “How?” He said “It’s spelled ‘Pink’ + ’1′. I think it’s so funny when they are at such a young age and begin figuring out how letters sound and that is what he has been doing as of late. Hey…it makes sense! Pink + 1 = Penguin!

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