Tangental Toddlers…

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My niece, Raleigh (5), came over this morning to visit with the boys while they ate their breakfast. I was in the kitchen unloading and reloading the dishwasher and straightening up but listening in on their coffee talk. So at our little square dining room table sat a little one at each side. As far as I know, Wheat began the conversation and it all started and ended a little something like this:

Wheat: “Raleigh, look at this cereal box. This is a wind turbine. Do you know what this does?”

Raleigh: “No.”

Wheat: “It creates energy from wind.”

River: “Waleigh, look at this book. I am gonna show you a picture of President Lincoln. <flipping pages>…Look, Waleigh. This is President Lincoln right here in this circle.”

Raleigh: “Jenna has a mean boy in her class and he threw a book at the teacher. He is a mean boy. His name is….Ummm….Nicholas Lester.”

Lake: “Well, he should have been made to go see the principal’s office”

Raleigh: “We don’t have a president at our church but maybe we do and it’s my dad because he’s the preacher.”

Lake: “Not president, the principal! You know….the principal’s office where you go when you get in trouble at a school?”

Raleigh: “It wasn’t at a school, silly. We don’t go to school. It was at our church.”

Lake: “Ooohh.”

Wheat: “Raleigh, did you know I have a parasite in my body? My mom says I have a parasite in my body and it eats all my food up when I swallow it. My parasite is big and long and at attaches to the inside of my stomach and like latches on there and you can drink this stuff that will kill the parasite and then you can poop it out and look at it.”

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