Pesky ants…

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Yes…they are back, already! They seem to think along with many of our trees and foliage that it is Spring and when the trees begin to bud then it is time for them to visit the Baileys. Well, you know we don’t use harsh pesticides or herbicides in, around or near our house so this is something we deal with although not without a great deal of screaming and/or sometimes cursing these creatures. We have an air vent next to our front door where they like to enter the house. Why? Don’t ask me…it is no where near the kitchen although these ants never seem to care much about the kitchen and it’s contents. So next to the front door is my desk and they have found many fun things to do there lately.¬†While working yesterday, I spilled a Dr. Pepper into my keyboard. Not that big a deal…the keyboard (detached…this was not my laptop) is old and has been on it’s last leg for some time. So, I did my best to clean it out and went along with my day. Keyboards are cheap…this could have been a lot worse. Today, after school when I began to work a bit, I noticed that the ants built a colony in my keyboard overnight. Ok…now this is really irritating to me. The boys and I had to run a few morning errands so out of frustration and not caring whether this act sent my keyboard over the edge or not I drenched it by spraying a lemon & lime juice mix all over it. I once read that lemon and/or lime juice is a natural ant deterrent and will rid your house of them without the use of chemicals. Well….I really would like to talk to the people who claim this. After I drenched my keyboard with the juice, the boys and I left the house for about 2 hours. When we came back, not only was my entire desk and keyboard uber sticky (which I HATE) but all the ants had fetched bottles of tequila and shakers of salt and were out basking on all the keys.

Question #472 for God when I get to Heaven – Why on earth did you create ants? (This question appears about 236 entries below “Why on earth did you create mosquitoes?”)


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