A blind artist but not starving…

This entry was posted by KK on Friday, 19 December, 2008 at

I can’t believe I am posting this but it is a bit surreal. Anyone wanna take a guess at what this is?


Yep. If you guessed dog pee, you’re darn tootin’! Stevie is gettin’ old, we are realizing. If he isn’t cared for properly and made to go outside frequently then his old bladder gets the best of him. But his old age doesn’t mean he isn’t talented. He painted a self portrait of himself on the carpet using his doggy manhood and bodily fluids. We think this was pretty amazing and if we could preserve it somehow, cut out the piece of carpet and sell it on Ebay we would in a heartbeat. If a freakin’ piece of toast can sell on Ebay for oodles of bucks then this would have…LOL.

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