“Voteing Day” (sp?) LOL

This entry was posted by KK on Tuesday, 4 November, 2008 at


The boys have white boards for school that I made them to write their names, the day of the week and the date each day. There is an extra line which Wheat decided he would use to write whatever he wanted to write like his mood or what he is excited about or just a favorite thing in general. Today as we greatly anticipated the results of the election, he wrote “Voteing Day” on his board. Although it was spelled wrong, it was too cute to correct. I am so glad he understands so much about things going on around him. Jason and I both admit we probably didn’t even know who our president was when we were fifteen. And we are very happy with the results of this 2008 election even though our president-elect doesn’t stand for every issue in the way we would have chosen. He is the lesser of two evils and we are so excited about the magnificent things he has already accomplished and will continue to in the years to come. Hooray for equality!!

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