Mother’s Day {2012}

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We were born and we were lying there and we heard things and we felt things.

Then you showed up and we heard You! and we felt You!

Our ears began to fill with words like LOVE, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME , STRONG, and most of all PRECIOUS!

You have wiped every tear, and you have heard every laugh.

When we go to our beds in our comfortable and safe room, we easily drift off to sleep because we know you are near.

Every day our bellies are filled with nourishment from your hand that comes from your heart.

We hear words like unloved, neglected, malnourished, and unwanted but we don’t know what those words mean.

We are watching you closely mommy because we want to be just like you!

Thank you for loving us with all your heart and strength mommy!!!!

Happy Mothers Day! We love you so much!!

Blu Belle and Everest

{written by daddy}

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