Locks of Love

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Well, I guess it’s time. For the longest time, we just couldn’t do it. When you give a baby boy that first hair cut, they instantly age about 2 years. This was our youngest and last baby boy, it was just too hard to say goodbye to those baby days. But he is 3 now and we had been talking to him about it and he cool with it, indifferent really. From his expression in a few of the pics you’ll see that he wasn’t too cool with it once the process began but it was too late. We knew for a long time we would donate his hair to the Locks of Love charity and had researchd that they needed so many inches to be able to use it and 10 was the magic number. So, we sectioned his hair so as to get the maximum amount of length to donate. He did not like the many pony tails but once they came off he was happy. It left his hair very choppy and a mess so I did what any good mother would do and took them all to a professional that afternoon. That was a hefty bill. This was River’s first hair cut ever and the older boys have only had a handful each themselves and the first time all three were cut in one sitting. We don’t promote hair cuts very much in our house…the boys have the liberty to wear their hair however they want and they usually opt out of cutting it which is fine by us. So now they are all freshly cut just in time for soccer and I am suddenly a mom to three big boys instead of three little toddlers. I will admit that although the last photo shows River with his nice little hair style holding up the pony full of hair just before it went into the envelope it still took me several weeks to physically put the envelope in the mail.

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