DIY Crib Rail Covers

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Before I brag about this cool little project I have to give credit to this gal who I stole the idea from…

If you are a mom whose baby is morphing into a woodchuck and you’d rather your convertible crib that *should* last many years not be ruined by your woodchuck here is an excellent idea I found on someone’s blog! (Note: I didn’t want to buy 2 expensive fabric crib rail covers nor did I want to put some chemical ridden adhesive silicone cover on it that I may or may not be able to remove one day). I┬áspent $5 on 1 yard of this fleece fabric (was 50% off at JoAnn’s) and it was enough for both the twins’ cribs and I spent less than 30 minutes making both of them. Yay! I even caught a pic of my little male woodchuck in action! (My female woodchuck isn’t pulling up just yet but I know it’s only a matter of days before she begins ‘chuckin’ away)..


And simply because this little female woodchuck is THE most gorgeous little gal on the planet I shall include one of her, too…

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2 Responses to “DIY Crib Rail Covers”

  1. Hey! I just happened to look back on my blog stats and saw that my original has been pinned 67 times in pinterest world. Gasp! So glad to see yours put to great use :) Cute man chipmunk!

  2. KK

    Well I know of two young mamas who are friends of mine who also rushed right out and bought fabric and did the exact same & at least one blogged about it! It was truly an excellent idea & the covers I made for my twins’ rails are holding up to the gnawing amazingly well! Great job, mama!

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