I hope the twins like carrots.

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Before I hear one of you utter the word “supermom” to me, allow me to explain just how much I am NOT. In fact, I will tell you who IS a supermom. My SIL, Aston, is a SUPERmom. (SIL = Sister-in-law for the newbies) I’ll tell you why in a minute…

Eleven years ago when I ad my Wheat I would have never attempted to make homemade baby food. I tried to cloth diaper him but failed. Miserably. A year later another boy popped out. Again I tried cloth diapering and barely succeeded but not enough to build my confidence back up. A couple years later, another boy popped out (you see the pattern?) and at least this time I knew I would and COULD cloth diaper this one full time and I did from the day he came home from the hospital. With my third I at least bought the book “Super Baby Food” and read a lot of it but still never attempted to pull it off. With all three of the boys we bought prepared organic baby food from health food stores and paid out the wahzoo to feed those boys. Since then all of our foster babes have been past the baby food stage when they came to us (with the exception of the 2 or 3 weeks I fed my JJ baby food at 15 1/2 months of age when he came to us because he had never been given anything except liquids in a bottle and had to learn to eat solids). I have, however, cloth diapered all our foster littles (5 have been diapered when they came to us including the twins). So of course when we brought the twins home it was only natural for me to cloth diaper them (once their tiny butts were big enough for the diapers I have). I also knew from the beginning that I would indeed have to make their baby food if I wanted to feed them organically (which of course I did). No way could we afford to feed two babies prepared organic baby food.

So here’s the cool part about my SIL…she did all of this with her FIRST child. Nothing intimidates her. At least nothing that I know of. Now after I just praised her up and down to my brother he reminded me that they, him being the youngest in our family, were the last ones to start a family so we all paved the way for them and encouraged them to do what we knew they were capable of doing. So then I asked him if this meant my older sisters were slacker moms because I didn’t have all this built up confidence to do certain things. So to keep him out of a whole heap of trouble lest he get his butt kicked by his big sisters I will go back to what I originally suggested which was that he married up (he has heard this no less than a hundred times) and his wife, Aston, is a supermom and nothing intimidates her.

So because she made all of my niece’s baby food and explained to me how easy it was I had to try. After spending the last 3 hours in my kitchen peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing & storing organic carrots away for the twins all I am left with is being extremely pissed off that I did not do this with all my other kids. Seriously. I am mad. It. Was. So. Frea. Kin’. Easy.

I started with a 5 pound bag of organic carrots. I don’t know how much they cost because I normally buy much smaller bags but I had my mom pick up this bag for me the other day. I specifically told her not to get the big giant 5 pound bag that the crazy juicer people buy for juicing so she brought me the 5 pound bag that the crazy juicer people buy for juicing. I love this about my mom and in the end I am glad she bought me the big giant bag. I used 3 pounds and 9 ounces of carrots from it and have a few left over for my JJ to snack on. (Yes, I weighed how much I use. Yes, I own a scale. No it isn’t technically a kitchen scale. Yes, my husband owned this scale before we married 14 years ago. No, I won’t tell you why my husband owned a scale 14 years ago. Yes, it may have been for illegal usage. No, I won’t tell you more.)

I chopped off the ends and peeled the carrots. I chopped the carrots into chunks. I placed the chunks in my rice cooker (which doubles as a food steamer) and followed the cooking pamphlet that came with the rice cooker for how long to steam carrots although I think I steamed them a bit longer just until they were tender enough. I spooned the steamed carrots into my brand spankin’ new Magic Bullet* and pulsed it until it was pureed. That’s it.

*I didn’t buy the Magic Bullet for making baby food. I would have just used my old tiny little food processor. Jason bought the Magic Bullet. He came home several weeks ago with this fancy little appliance (that he paid about $50 for) and said “Hey, I though you could use that when you start making the twins’ baby food”. Whatever. That man has wanted a Magic Bullet for so long. He thinks he pulled a fast one on me but oh no. I can read right through that man. (But thanks for the Magic Bullet, honey)

A couple months ago I did buy the storage containers you see in the photos. I could have used plain old ice trays but I saw the fancier ones with the lid which hold a lot more than the average ice tray and had to have it. When everything was said and done I have approximately 42-1 ounce cubes of carrots and 10-2 ounce containers of carrots. I think that’s enough carrots to get us by for a little while. Once the trays are frozen, I will pop out the cubes and store them in Z*iploc freezer bags so they will keep longer.

That’s it. Now if the twins’ don’t like carrots, I’m screwed.

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