Happy Glue Day!

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Oh yea. I bet you had no idea this holiday even existed. Well, it doesn’t. I just created it. This morning my JJ brought me a toy that he broke. He always brings broken toys to me. I guess that’s a good thing. Nonetheless, I returned the favor with a large sigh. More broken toys. Usually I just throw them in a pile. That hasn’t been working well for me. I’ve been a mother for 10 years and have maybe taken the time on three separate occasions to fix broken things. My poor kids will place broken things on my desk where they will pile up and they will ask me repeatedly when am I ever going to glue their things. Well, today I did. At least a lot of it. I recently gave what I think to be good advice to my favorite sister-in-law, Aston, who is a new mom….”Fix it AS it gets broken! Don’t do what I have always done and pile it up somewhere until you have so much that you actually have to label a box full of items ‘Broken – Needs-a-Fixin’ because it only grows and grows and grows.”

So I recently bought super glue (that’s always been my excuse…not having glue) and this morning when my JJ brought me his broken wooden pot and it’s handle without thinking to much about it (thus talking myself out of it) I grabbed the super glue and got to work. We all know that whenever you try to seal up a tube of super glue it never seals well enough to keep it from drying out so I kept gluing. And gluing. Next thing I knew I was in the basement looking for my little box labeled ‘Broken – Needs-a-Fixin’ and took it upstairs and it was like Christmas all over again.

forklift bulldozer When my JJ wakes up from his nap he’ll have brand new to him toys he’s never played with!! (Sadly, the forklift & bulldozer have been in a box since my River was a baby) The cars have new wheels! The forklift couldn’t lift and the bulldozer couldn’t doze (hehe)….now they can!



I have another favorite coffee cup with a freshly secured handle!


We can play that game with the little animals now that our whale has his tail and our camel has his ear!!


I can hang that sweet ornament on my Christmas tree again next year!


I can actually stop open my bedroom door with my turtle door stop!


My River’s lego guy, Twitch, can hear and smell again with his antennae!


JJ can cook me up some stone soup in his pot!

And there’s more but I used up my brand new tube of glue so I am back to being out of glue. Good excuse to pile up some more. ;)

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