Happy 5th, Maya Monet!!

This entry was posted by KK on Saturday, 29 March, 2008 at

Our best friends threw their 5 year old a mud party for her birthday. I know what you are all thinking but you’re wrong. It is GERMs that I despise…not dirt! LOL How could I despise dirt with 3 boyz? I have become ONE with the dirt…embracing it fully. So this was without a doubt the most interesting, coolest, dirtiest party I have ever been to and our boys had a blast. Wheat (who is ONE with cleanliness) even got his hands dirty. It was good for all of us…very therapeutic. My BF Heather, however, was probably wiping dirt still many weeks later from all sorts of places. (We rinsed kids with the hose initially but then they had to be carried in to the bath tub…mud tracks were inevitable).


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