JJ es dos.

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Our little JJ turned two on Friday, Christmas eve. Yep. You read that correctly. He’s a Christmas eve baby. Mine is two days after Christmas and I gave birth to my eldest son, Wheaton, the day after my birthday in 2000. So counting Jesus (because WE definitely count Him), we celebrate 4 birthdays in 5 days here. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though. So if we are blessed with the gift of adopting our little JJ I will have yet another little guy to make sure he gets celebrated individually every year amidst the hustle and the bustle of Jesus’ big day. JJ came to live with us when he was barely 15 months old so I am not sure what sort of 1st birthday party he had if any so I let him do the tearing up a cupcake ordeal (which is so hard for me as you can imagine) and he loved it. It took him no less than 15 minutes to realize that I was indeed planning to let him eat the cupcake himself (he has chewing/food issues due to an oral motor delay so I have always fed him to ensure he doesn’t take in too much and properly chews his food) but when he did finally get going he helped himself. He did a great job and asked to get down before finishing his carrot cupcake. Who doesn’t finish a carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting?? My JJ doesn’t. And I was glad. About 30 minutes later he was bouncing off the walls. Later when the sugar high faded he just sat in his mamaw’s lap staring into space. Poor guy. Perhaps I should give him sweets more often. …. Nah.

We taught him to say ‘two’ and to hold up two fingers although after we spent a great deal of time trying to show him how to hold up two fingers we finally held up his two pointer fingers and that was doable. So when he shows you how old he is he holds up two hands. It’s too cute. After his treat when it was time to open gifts he was again unsure of whether he was actually allowed to tear paper. Again, it took him a while but he got the hang of it and had his new toys unwrapped in a matter of minutes. He loves animals SO much and got a big red barn with several new animals and a couple puzzle boards to go along with it. He played and he played and he played. He’s such an angel.

Jason’s parents were in town as well and his mom brought us all a birthday cake. She is so sweet to think of us all each year and always brings a cake no matter what. It’s her thing. I like it! I failed to snap a photo before the cake was cut but it read ‘Happy Birthday Wheat, JJ & Kayce”. It was yummy!

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