The talking in his head…

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img_3160 My angel boy, Wheat, has been reading since he was about 4. I worry about him often because he would rather sit and read books all day every day than do anything active. He is already reading big kid books like Treasure Island and Moby Dick, you know, books we weren’t forced to read until high school in which some of us never read and just bought the cliffs notes.

The other night he was granted permission to sleep with Jason and I, something they all still love doing because we co-slept with all three of our boys up until just about 2 years ago when our king size bed just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Now they all rotate from time to time sleeping with us. So he was laying in bed beside me and we were all reading. I noticed he was holding his breath for several seconds and then letting it out repeatedly only to hold it again. I remember him doing this at a very young age and I don’t know why he does it. When it finally became a disturbance to my reading I asked him why he was holding his breath. This was his answer:

“Well, you know how reading is kind of like talking in my head? If I breathe while I read then I might not be able to hear the words.”

This sweet kid has so much traffic in his head he needs street signals. He told us this same night that one day he wanted to hand write a dictionary….whatever that means. I cannot wait to see how this child chooses to use his brain for the greater good.

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