Easter Fun

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easter-eggs-april-misc-071.jpg We had a fabulous time dyeing eggs this year. This gets more fun as the kids get older and Jason and I always tap in to the fun as well. This year we tried using some natural dyes made from things around the house. Blueberries for blue, paprika for orange, strong coffee for brown and ground cumin for yellow. The cumin didn’t color well, user error probably. The paprika wasn’t so hot either so I pulled it out while it was a tad yellowish-orange and dropped it in the blueberry liquid and it turned out a lovely green. The boys mostly used a kit we had leftover from last year except I tossed away all the silly stickers and plastic melty things that don’t promote as much creativity. Each egg was a canvas and they all turned out so incredible. Wheat worked for hours, of course. His all turned out looking like they had been tie-dyed. Very cool. Enjoy!

Easter Eggs & April Misc 041.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 044.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 045.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 046.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 047.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 048.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 049.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 050.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 052.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 073.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 072.jpgEaster Eggs & April Misc 074.jpg

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