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My mom has kept up a Highlights Magazine subscription for the boys for years since they were too young to really enjoy them. I have saved them all, of course, and just stacked them on a shelf. Several weeks ago Wheat really took notice of them for the first time and began reading them so of course Lake fell in right behind him and now both sit and read these magazines all day every day. Their favorite part is the jokes and they repeat them constantly. River ultimately picks them up and memorizes them from hearing the boys recite them over and over. It is so cute to hear River tell the jokes because you know he only half understands them at best. Below is a vid of him telling one in the car yesterday. He still doesn’t pronounce his “Y’s” very well so Yellow = Lellow. Here is a translation in case you need it…

Mommy: “River, can you say green, pink & yellow in the same sentence?”
River: “Yes. When the phone says ‘green, green’, I pink it up and say ‘yellow?’.

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  1. We have thoroughly enjoyed the boys’ Hampster Dance dancing! B and H have asked to watch it MULTIPLE times today. Beckett has also been inspired to get out his collection of old Highlights mags and check out the jokes! Hope we can get together again soon!

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