A beautiful Spring morning…

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I love Spring. It reminds me of everything good in the world. I love Spring mornings waking up to the sound of birds chirping and smelling the freshness in the air. Wheat was my sole snuggler this morning. The boys still mosey in to bed with us every morning and we all lay as long as we can until we all get up at once. And Maggie….sweet Maggie….she comes in the bed in the mornings, too, and attempts to purr us out of bed with her intense inner motor. So as Wheat and I lay in bed, snuggling, with Maggie on our pillow, Wheat wakes me and says “Mom, Maggie just puked”. So, Wheat gets up and runs off to the bathroom (to puke himself, of course) and I raise up to try and determine whether I am dreaming or not. She did puke, indeed. I startled her and she began to run away from her mess but not before stopping to puke a little more on my alarm clock on the night stand. Nice.

So as Wheat sat on his stool in the bathroom I began cleaning up the cat’s mess. He says, in between wretches “Sorry you have to clean that up”. How sweet. “It’s ok, honey. I am sorry you are sick”. He says “If something touching the uvula in your throat makes you gag, then what makes you gag when you just see something gross?” Thus the morning science lesson began. As we chat and as he continues gagging and spitting while I clean I ask him “Honey, have you tried the technique? Spell giraffe.” He replies, “Yes. I tried but it’s just not working today”. I say “Well, you have been over there for a while now. You are not over there just thinking about her puke, are you? Because if you do not get your mind off of it then you will stay sick.” He says “No, right now (gag) I am not thinking about her (gag) puke (gag), I am thinking about walking out of this room and (gag) fixing myself a big bowl of Honey Nut O’s”.

So he finally finished and I did as well and he left the room and I began to strip the linens off my bed to wash and a few minutes later he came to me and said “Mom, since you had to clean all that up here’s what I did: I let the dog out, I raised the shades, I let the dog back in and I filled up his treat jar with his new treats and I threw the bag they came in into the plastics bin and the box that the bag came in into the mixed paper bin.”

Love that guy. And as we talk and hug, Lake walked in all sleepy headed wondering why we were up and not snuggling in the bed and when he asked what happened (linens all pulled off the bed and room all dishevelled) Wheat tells him “Maggie puked in the bed right between mine and mom’s pillows and then I spent 20 minutes working on my gag reflex”.

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  1. truevyne

    My cats puke all the time. What is up with that?

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