Camping at Melton Hill

This entry was posted by KK on Thursday, 4 November, 2010 at

A few weeks ago we camped at Melton Hill. I am just now figuring out a decent way to post pictures without my JJ’s face being exposed so pardon me if you get overwhelmed by photos of the Baileys in the coming weeks. I am behind. Terribly.

If you are from around here, you know that Melton Hill is close to our house. We’re lucky. Although we largely enjoy finding new and remote areas to camp when you do put forth the effort (huge effort) to go, we opted to stay close to home this time for many reasons. Our little J was one very big reason we decided to. He did not do well the first night and I almost tossed him into the truck several times to take him home to sleep. It was awful. But we made it through the night and was very sleep deprived the next day but managed. The kids had more fun than they could handle….especially because all their cousins were there. Even our little precious Carsadilla (my niece, Carson) was in town from Chattanooga for her very first camping experience. She did great, of course. We highly recommend this spot in the campground, too. It was perfect for our family of 21!

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