He is risen indeed!

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We hope you all had an amazing Easter Sunday with your families! We did with our boys! We went to an 8 am service at church because we taught our 2nd grade class at 9:30 so we were up and out the door very early. The only family photo we have was taken by a friend as we were rushing in to the early service. After church we went to my moms for lunch and lots of playing with cousins. We didn’t do an Easter egg hunt or anything this year. We do not do baskets or anything with our boys and most of their cousins if not all know there is no bunny. I did do something neat with our boys this Easter. I grabbed an inexpensive vine wreath at a craft store, one about the size of someone’s head, and we stuck toothpicks all in it to resemble the thorns they pierced Jesus’ head with. We asked the boys to remove a toothpick from the vine every time they made a sacrifice for someone else throughout the weekend. It was neat to hear what they viewed as a sacrifice for another. After they all went to sleep on Saturday night, I removed all the toothpicks from the crown and replaced them with shiny white and silver ribbon. On Easter morning, after we read the passages about Jesus’ resurrection, I showed them the crown. It was beautiful and it really gave them a sweet visual about how Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

I should mention my baby niece was in town all weekend so this was a huge treat for me! I can’t get enough of this child. She is so precious.

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