El río es dos!!

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Captain River Sol has turned 2…a couple of weeks ago…but nonetheless entered into his new world of all things “big boy”! He is quite the comedian here wearing a pair of extremely undersized opticals from Mr. Potato Head purposely since, you cannot see it in the pic, but he is looking at a book. An intelligent comedian! Ha! He also, since the title of our blog is “The Bailey Brag”, decided a couple of weeks before his birthday to potty train himself and is now in “big undies” full time. No phone calls or e-mails, please, as I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this so I cannot offer up a bit of advice as to how this happened. He just apparently decided he was too good to let his brother’s have one up on him so he took the plunge and hasn’t turned back. I don’t quite know what to do without having a load of cloth diapers to wash every other day. It is still very surreal to me at this point so we are keeping it on the down low…well, until now I guess since I have posted it here. So, enter a new chapter in mine and Jason’s lives as well not being pregnant, nursing a child or diapering a child for the first time in over 7 years…wow…typing that was strange.

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